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Filling the gap on the tail of the gas curve.


Our expertise

AGRLs key expertise has been gained over 30 years in landfill gas management and the waste industry together with involvement in numerous landfill gas management and utilisation schemes in many countries, with gas flows ranging from 30,000m3/hr down to 80m3/hr.

Key experience includes:

Site assessment
Gas management system audit, design and installation management
Landfill gas system operation and monitoring
Generation system installation, operation and operational monitoring
Training of staff at all levels



Outsourcing activities has proven to be an effective method to make savings on resources and allow staff to focus on their core business area. With AlphaGen Renewables Ltd taking care of your landfill, staff are freed up to do just that, whilst at the same time significant savings can be made.

• make a valuable contribution to the sustainability, environmental and carbon mitigation goals
and reporting of your organisation
• offset power produced from fossil fuels
• usefully control greenhouse gas emissions
• financial savings through inclusive gas management on the landfill
• financial savings of the electrical costs of flare operation
• potential for low cost electricity to drive other site loads, or even nearby premises by a private wire
• heat can be provided for leachate treatment, wood chip drying etc.
• extend the usefulness of a resource otherwise considered a burden

Please contact Richard Tipping if you would like to further discuss your opportunities.


Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring and control plays a key role in the AGRL operation, augmenting regular site visits. Real time data allows remote checking of the operational parameters of the generating sets and the general ‘health’ of the gas field. Alarms are raised to alert technicians to specific events requiring immediate attention, and the system can be remotely stopped and started as necessary. Downtime is reduced to a minimum and sustainable gas yield results.


The Developments

Our first site was successfully commissioned in July 2012. This was followed by the UK's first RO accredited 50kW landfill gas fuelled micro-generation station with heat recovery for wood chip drying for the same local authority.

2015 saw another micro-generator commissioned, this time providing power to on site pumping as well as export to grid. A number of other projects are in an advanced stage of development and in the pipeline. Of particular interest are sites with active extraction installed, or where a previous contractor has left the site.

Typically these sites are operated under a Gas Agreement, where AGRL provide, install, operate and maintain the generation equipment and manage the gas field in exchange for the rights to the gas. However, AGRL remains open to discussion on contractual terms.

Benefitting the environment.

Harnessing landfill gas and converting it to electricity significantly
reduces harmful C02 emissions...


specialists in smaller
landfill gas to energy projects.

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