specialists in smaller
landfill gas to energy projects.

unlocking the potential for environmental benefits and cost savings.


A plethora of small landfills exists throughout the UK, which, although modest in size, offer huge potential for Greenhouse Gas emissions reduction and renewable energy generation.

This potential represents a significant opportunity for landfill owners and local authorities to achieve valuable cost savings and significantly benefit the environment, thus actively enhancing their green credentials.

AlphaGen Renewables Ltd develops and operates projects to unlock the potential of small to medium capacity landfill gas generation projects.

We possess a wealth of experience covering every aspect of landfill and landfill gas management, together with system design and implementation.  As a result, we offer highly effective bespoke solutions to fit the smaller end of the landfill gas utilisation market.

As a technically challenging niche market without the margins to attract mainstream landfill gas utilisation companies, AlphaGen Renewables as an SME, offers the ideal profile to fill this gap.



AlphaGen Renewables experience allows for a practical and objective evaluation of project potential.

A sound waste management and landfill background allows a thorough appraisal of the operating protocols and the landfill, including installed infrastructure, which directly or indirectly impacts on effective gas management.

Focused assessment can highlight options to improve the fuel resource, rather than accepting potential shortcomings as inevitabilities - inevitabilities which can lead to a wasted energy resource and a continuing drain on financial and manpower resources. This is particularly relevant in the context of increasingly stretched local authority budgets.

AGRL offers a personal service to remove the resource requirement and inconvenience associated with looking after gas management on restored and 'lower value' landfills.


Download a PDF leaflet containing an overview of our services here:


AlphaGen Renewables landfill gas to energy

Highly effective, bespoke solutions for the smaller end of the landfill gas utilisation market.

What we do.

To delay may prove disastrous!

From 2017 support for many new landfill gas power projects is very likely to cease. Landfill owners/operators stand to completely lose the potential benefits and operating savings that power generation on their smaller landfills can provide. The period for implementing these schemes should not be underestimated!

Contact AlphaGen now to find out more and get the ball rolling! We can make it work at less than 100kW.


'Alphagen Projects took a small (but perfectly formed) space at the edie.live show at the NEC which provided an opportunity to meet some local authorities and their advisors.

The realisation of previously ignored landfill assets in the contribution to sustainability and carbon reduction targets was high in the order of discussion.

Follow up responses has so far been very encouraging indeed.

Specialists in smaller
landfill gas to energy projects.

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